Oklahoma Aerospace Summit and Expo

The Oklahoma Aerospace Summit and Expo and the Aerospace Educational and Training Day were two very exciting events for those who had an interest in learning more about this fascinating field.

A recent big event for the program was hosted by the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, Rose State College, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the State Chamber. It was the tenth annual Oklahoma Aerospace Summit and Exposition and was held at the Cox Convention Center. For those who missed this exciting and educational day, rest assured that there was another one coming up very soon!

The purpose of this Summit was to bring together leaders in the aerospace industry, government officials, teachers and other educators, and technology centers. Together, they could all discuss ideas, the future of the industry, and network with one another as well. Both commercial and government aerospace issues were discussed, and there were also fascinating and thought provoking presentations and exhibitors.

The two-day Summit was followed by the Aerospace Education and Training Day. This event, which was also held at the Cox Center, was paired with the International Flight Inspection Symposium. Here, students and professionals alike talked about and sought to understand the many issues affecting the aerospace industry and how they affected national security and the world’s economy. Also, individuals would learn just how important Oklahoma is to this field. Many are not aware that Oklahoma is a “big deal” in the aerospace industry, especially in the maintenance, repair, overhaul, and manufacturing aspects. Attending either or both events was an excellent way to foster appreciation for the state. There were discussions and activities geared toward adults and children of all ages, so both events were sure to be fun and educational for all.